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Sanitary enterprises face of
      Gradually 80,90 into the marriage with the times, the entire home building materials industry, consumer groups also will be changed, younger has become the current trend, if it continues to maintain the traditional home-style model, has been completely unable to meet consumer demand of young consumers, the traditional home dealers, improve the product chain, as well as the introduction of new products become the main thought. For sanitary enterprises, the face of such "meat" of the market, product innovation and a certain breakthrough in the design and style should be the way forward business.

"Fashion" products more popular with consumers
      "Young, fashion, personalized" as a symbol of the new generation of household consumer demand in the home, to the bathroom, for example, personalized bathroom products have been favored by consumers in the market, however, holds many lessons bathroom style and function less than to meet the needs of young consumers, homogeneity is serious, that a common theme in the current domestic industry market still prevails, even if the difference is already underway, but similar sanitary products is still full of the entire market. Therefore, even if home businesses use personalization as a way to attract consumers, can express themselves in the pursuit of individuality young consumers, it does not have much appeal. Domestic enterprises want to win young consumers, rigid model of development is not feasible, be innovative products to enrich the range of products and features that make home design style from the "tradition" of entering the "fashion state."

Diversification of production should go home guide mode
      "Rejuvenation" of the home including the appearance, functions and materials in three areas, then what kind of appearance, function, materials, in order to attract younger consumers? Young consumers may not pursue home "green" environmental protection for the young generation consumers, but its basic standards. On the basic standards, sanitary products should have a beautiful appearance, a variety of functions. Currently, the market most of the product features a single home, but in fact functions still remain in place, domestic enterprises still have a long way to go.
      Want to enter the "meat" gathered in the market, domestic enterprises must be "changed" especially new products to cater to the tastes of consumers. On sanitary companies, opened a unique personality and innovative new product chain, the future can be quickly occupied the market, all-round promotion of enterprise value maximization win the consumer market, the future of the road to wider and longer.
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