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1. This warranty applies to products that Welg produces and sells.
2. This warranty applies only to the original consumer ("consumer") who purchased the product from a representative appointed by Welger or its authorized distributors or its approved distributors.
3. Consumers should read the "Product Instruction Manual" before using the product.
The company provides the following limited guarantees for the purchase of Welg products:
At any time during your Warburg product warranty period, if the product is damaged due to improper use or processing, the company will repair or replace it with the same type of product (if there is no such model, it will be replaced by a similar model, the company reserves This right of interpretation). This limited liability guarantee applies only to original consumer users who purchase Euler Card's leading products for home use (non-commercial use).
4, the warranty period
VIERGOU's products are used properly and processed according to Welg's maintenance instructions. The products perform reliably.
(1)Leading products five-year warranty period
(2)Ceramic products one-year warranty
(3)Bathroom furniture products one-year warranty
(4)Bath, electrical (sensor) class warranty for one year
If it is found to be a defective product of Viergou, Welger will choose to repair or update the product.
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