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Under sanitary line how to profit? Five Tips store operations

      Dealers to join the sanitary industry, the ultimate goal is to profit, but not every dealer can get it. Many sanitary dealers to join in the selection of the brand, always hoping to make money too much faith in the manufacturers who, in fact, can make money, the key is their own store management level. So, want to make money as a distributor of sanitary ware, how to grasp the five elements store management it?

First, location
      Building materials stores should open in the bathroom where, entering the professional sanitary ware market or choose street shops operate independently? In recent years, a number of building materials, the rise of home hypermarkets, reflecting changes in customer buying habits that we all desire a stop-buying. Home decoration is supposed to account for the customer a lot of time and effort, combined with the lack of customer purchase experience for building materials, then the choice will be in the building materials market to buy the safest way to avoid making the customer the wrong decision. Therefore, in order to win more customers at the door, then no matter what you do is sanitary products, choose a professional building materials market / building materials hypermarket business will be better than many high street stores.

Second, the properties and quality of the portfolio
      Some dealers sanitary building materials industry in addition to the one-sided pursuit of "profit", never considered the added value brought by bathroom brand and future competition, what do you make money is widespread, that dealers do business is their ability to make money for the purpose of deliberately never had to pay attention to provide customers with the purchase of convenience issue. However, the market environment is changing, becoming more and more demanding customers, one-stop shop to become more customer choice, especially when the cost of time becomes more and more expensive when the richness of the bath products store will ultimately affect whether customers will buy, whether even walk into the store.
      Like many sanitary industry boss when it comes to communicating this topic, and that is the future of the whole household will have a huge impact to an existing single-product brand, not only because the whole household to meet the needs of customers one-stop shopping convenience while his product richness and quality brands are able to meet customer requirements, and more importantly, the overall home provides customized home decoration environmental solutions that impact not only affect retailers bathroom, and even now also affect the home improvement industry a huge bathroom.

Third, the price
      You ask one hundred stores sales staff, what they are most afraid of? The answer might ninety-nine would say is the price. Prices really so terrible? Why or why each salesperson comes to price when they are feel fear of it. Find more reason lies with the daily management of the store when you store sales overall image provided by the atmosphere, so that customers feel when there is room for negotiation, no matter how much you adhere to, want to keep the price on a deal is a very difficult thing. When customers make a purchase decision, the psychological price is expected to face because of the identity store prices affected.

Fourth, advertising and promotion
      "Sell themselves" high-profile sales environment is not suitable for the moment, so there must be growth in sales, advertising and promotion is imperative. Terminal find competitive sanitary industry far more than competitive products to more intense, so consumers become the main way to intercept the major businesses to attract customers into the store, intercepting and even this has not only stay in the building materials market, but deep into the new opening cell.

Fifth, the sales staff
      Many dealers will complain about two issues, one is difficult to recruit people, and the other is to hire people who failed to keep the sales staff shortages and high sales skills are not into a lot of bosses headaches. But when we began to visit the market, understand the terminal, there are still many problems exposed, the fundamental problem is the boss little attention to orders and sales characteristics, it seems to many sales people the opportunity to go out training, but not the way of training skills upgrading Purchasing Guide is simply no help.

      Sales of building materials industry is different from the garment industry and fast moving consumer goods industry, requires not only have the ability to quickly deal Purchasing Guide, the Purchasing Guide also requires the ability to long-term with a single, so the study of building materials sales process and sales order analysis is to improve the shopping guide sales inefficient a key breakthrough. In addition to problem-solving skills of sales staff, but also need to improve the attitude of sales staff, it is how to stimulate sales enthusiasm of these people, which stores and appraisal system, reward system related.
      Ability and attitude of sales staff directly affect the final sales orders to sales in the final analysis is the deal with the relationship between man and man, a good salesman can win more customers trust and recognition.

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