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Build China's most competitive bathroom brand
High quality, high quality service
At present, the company's sales network is spread all over the country, and the company fully implements the promise of "five-year warranty replacement, lifetime warranty, and life-long service". VIERGOU will strive to become a Chinese-class competitive bathroom brand through continuous innovation and excellent quality.
JOIN VIERGOU,Hundreds of bath products are available
Open a shop,Can share the entire industry buying and selling
Few operating methods in the industry: no stock, no inventory
Join the shop just to show the goods, soliciting sales!
Join agent VIERGOU bathroom, no stocking, just show samples in stores:
After placing the order, the customer submits the order to the headquarters, and then sends the goods to the distributors with the shipping department;
Well-ordered order management system and logistics system allow dealers to have zero inventory.
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E-mail: info@vigor-faucet.com
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