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Electronic touch kitchen faucet
One-touch kitchen technology, new electronic touch technology, and smart touch faucet that invokes this technology are "self-contained", that is to say, touch and mechanical dual-mode processing. When your hands are always working, your hands are full of various things, and your hands need to keep coming back and forth between food and faucets. At this time, you can easily control the water by tapping the faucet directly from any part of the body without having to open the handle of the faucet. You can also keep the faucet bright and clean and reduce the possibility of cross-contamination.
Repeatedly tapping will switch on and off. If you want to use hot and cold mixed water, you can use the tap handle directly to adjust hot and cold water as usual, without touching. When the touch battery has been exhausted, or the system suddenly loses power, the system can also automatically switch to mechanical mode to ensure normal water use.
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