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Certified patent
      For more than 20 years, VIERGOU has adhered to the quality strategy of “Advancing with the times and striving for excellence”: invested heavily in the introduction of internationally advanced production equipment such as gravity casting machines and numerically controlled processing machines, and established professional product testing laboratories, all products undergoing rigorously high Standard test.
      At present, VIERGOU has obtained many certifications at home and abroad (ISO9001 quality management system certification, TUV auditing factory certification, SGS auditing factory certification, etc.), and the products have also passed the certification of multi-national authority (such as British WRAS certification, French ACS certification, European CE certification, Nigeria SONCAP certification, etc.)
      VIERGOU is a brand that develops steadily and focuses on quality experiences and is worthy of consumers' trust.
ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification
The ISO9001 quality assurance system is the foundation for the development and growth of the company. Establish, maintain and improve the company's quality management system, promote the standardization and internationalization of the quality management system, improve the management level of the company, enhance the company's efficiency, and establish the status of the product in the market and its good reputation.
TUV certification
Refers to TUV's services for compliance certification of targets based on criteria, regulations, customer requirements, and other conditions. To carry out related certification, must pass inspection, testing, identification, certification and other means (TUV certification itself is not a certification, but refers to TUV's certification services). This certification is a global market commissioned by TUV to Vergar's auditing of the factory, and Wilco has become a global manufacturer of quality products in China.
SGS certification
Refers to SGS's compliance certification of targets based on criteria, regulations, customer requirements, and other conditions. To carry out the relevant certification, must pass the inspection, testing, identification, certification and other means (SGS certification itself is not a certification, but refers to the SGS certification services). SGS is an abbreviation of Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A., translated as "Universal Public Notary." Founded in 1878, it is the world's largest, oldest and most experienced private third party engaged in product quality control and technical appraisal of multinational companies. Headquartered in Geneva, it has more than 1,000 branches and professional laboratories and more than 59,000 professional and technical personnel around the world. It conducts product quality inspection, monitoring and assurance activities in 142 countries. This certification is China Manufacturing Network commissioned by SGS to Vergar's factory audit certification, VIERGOU has thus become China Manufacturing Network Gold Certified Supplier.
VIERGOU sanitary ware has been awarded “Quality Trustworthy Enterprise” and has been awarded several times by the relevant quality department for its brand-name product certificates and well-known brand certificates. In recent years, VIERGOU products have passed the product quality certification of EU, France, Britain, Nigeria and other countries, and the product quality is stable and trustworthy. VIERGOU sanitary products have passed the following international certifications
CE certification
The CE mark is a product certification mark and it is regarded as a manufacturer's passport to enter the European market. All products that carry the "CE" mark can be sold within the EU member states.
It does not need to meet the requirements of each member country, thus achieving the free circulation of commodities within the EU member states.
ACS certification
ACS is the French Ministry of Health requires that sanitary plumbing products entering France be sanitation-audited and tested to prove that the product will not change the water's sensory, chemical composition and microbiological characteristics. After the product meets relevant standards, an ACS health certificate must be issued in order to pass. Customs sales in France.
WRAS certification
WRAS certification refers to the water regulations consulting program. WRAS is managed by the British WRC-NSF company and certified by the UK for drinking water safety. This certification is an essential license for access to the UK market, where large and small companies must verify water supply. One of the procedures is to check if there is a certification that meets the relevant standards.
SONCAP certification
The SONCAP certification is led by the SON (Standards Organization of Nigeria) and the SONCAP full name is the Standards Organization of Nigeria-Conformity Assessment Program. The Nigerian Standards Organization-Conformity Assessment Program is the Nigerian mandatory conformity assessment procedure. SONCAP is a new policy implemented by the Federal Government of Nigeria to check the export of unsafe and unsafe products to the country.
Product patent
VIERGOU constantly innovates in sanitary technology,
In terms of functional design, continuous innovation and upgrading,
Emphasize the usefulness and detail of the function.
The automatic shower valve developed by VIERGOU can be used with any concealed shower mixer,
Effectively reduce the cost of tap production,
Simplify the faucet structure,
Thus shortening the assembly time of workers,
Increase productivity,
Relatively extend the service life of the faucet,
Easy to use and install the faucet, easy to operate,
And it also simplifies the maintenance of the tap's later use.
Utility model patent
Utility model patents
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